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Nōryoz is an exclusice collection of 2222 NFTs on Solana that grants its members an experience to The Clan. Alongsidde The Temple, Fortune Store, NORY PROJECT STUDIO, exclusive members channel, Web 3.0 career prspects and Whitelist opportunities.

About us


The concept of Nōryoz pays homage to the Japanese concept Nōryō (脳梁); the connective pathway that brifges the left & right domains of the brain.

Fueled by this concept, this project envisions a gateway to a powerful promising commuity for participants to form valuable relationships.

The Story

2222 abilities, 2222 personalities, 1 unified mind. Nōryoz - sentient, mystical beings each individually evolved with unique skill-sets and telepathic abilities are practically the last survivors in this dystopian realm. Civilisations have come and gone releasing a contagion that mutated the human genome transforming the population into unearthly creatures that roam the Earth. Surviving the mutation, the Nōryoz are the dwindling remnants of human life linking the past to our undetermined future.

In this new reality, where creatures roam the earth and technology is a thing of the past, the Nōryoz unlock their secrets paving a gateway to the future by developing their individual talents and taming these feral creatures. However, as the creatures grow increasingly feral it's a race against time to deliver us from extinction.